We all try to be nice to other people because we have been thought to behave in certain way. But people don’t treat us back the way we treat them. Most of the time we get from others exactly that what we allowed.

After I shifted to India I’ve been shocked that women don’t stand for their rights. Do whatever you want and women will keep silence about it. Even when rape happens society tells that it was a girls fault. Here’s it’s not okay to share about home violence, share about postpartum depression, share that you don’t want to live with in-laws, etc. Also it’s not common for girl to fight back (all least outside of metropolitan cities).

When I stand for myself people couldn’t understand how dare I am to do it. How dare I am to be the boss. How dare I am to call men on their bullsh*t. But I get what I tolerate. And I don’t tolerate, I fight back.

This post is not about praising myself. I wrote this to inspire other to fight for their rights and train the society that it’s not okay to step on your toes.

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