Today I want to discuss quite unusual topic. How imposter syndrome reaper before this special days (I mean period)

The imposter syndrome is more common among ladies because we are more emotional. And for us it’s harder to control the imposter syndrome because of every month hormonal changes. But there’s a few ways how to learn to fight it successfully.

  1. Learn to recognize first sings of it (feeling low, questioning yourself, doubts, low self-esteem, feeling like you didn’t deserve to have what you have).
  2. Don’t allow the imposter thoughts to spoil your mood. Even if you truly feel like you are nothing in life.
  3. On every negative thought (just in moment when it’s appear in your mind) do a few push ups. You’ll be amazed how fast you’ll give up your imposter thoughts when you do exercise.
  4. If you still feel like crying than keep 11 minutes timer. After 11 minutes back to regular life.
  5. Remember that imposter thoughts are not real. That’s the reality of highly qualified people.
  6. Eat nuts and food high in omega fatty acids to keep yourself in better mood through challenging times

I know that imposter syndrome is hard but you must continue to fight until you win.

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