Recently I’ve started a practice to write WordPress stories content for entire week (7 stories) on Monday. I dedicate 90 minutes to complete the task. So, now I don’t need to worry that I may forget to post on my blog. Every morning at 9:00 new WordPress story published.

I didn’t expect that it will be so easy to write all stories in bulk and schedule it for 9AM.

How do you manage to write your content? If you would like, you can give me suggestions on how to optimize content creation.

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4 thought on “How to write weekly content in 90 minutes?”
    1. I make 7 WordPress stories (that’s new format). And it’s quite easy because image, name, tags and posting time (immediately or scheduled). Stories in WordPress stay forever (not gone in 24 hours). By this I post every day at 9 am automatically.
      Every week I choose new topic, search images (mostly insta), make it better and post ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. WordPress stories generate more traffic than regular blog posts (people just prefer images over text). But there’s issue with incorrect display of stories in most themes. Today I was searching fo new there where it will be displayed in correct way.

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