Since my high school time I hide almost everything about myself (what I do, where I live, my personal life, income, achievements, etc). Why? Here’s all answers.

People are jealous. And I don’t want anyone to know that I’m not anymore that poor girl. I’ve grown up by taking a lot of risk and that’s paid off. Obviously my parents sometimes accidentally meet parent of my classmates. They don’t know about me anything except what my mom tell to everyone. On question what I do my mom always tell “she sits at home”. So people assume that I’m nothing and not interested in me anymore. For question “Did she get married?” answer always “I don’t want to discuss about it”. So, they assume that my personal life in complete mess. On question “Did she find the job?” answer always “She’s trying to work online”.

With this type of information people don’t feel interested in me. Who wants to know more about looser who sits at home and with messed up personal life? No one. And this is exactly what I need.

I don’t interact with people from my past (because past must stay in past). I don’t feel need to prove that I’m successful one. I just don’t need it.

What about you? Do you share about your achievements?

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7 thought on “Why I hide my success as well as my identity”
  1. I have to thank you for publishing this blog because it inspired me to write a new blog about the that word success. I guess I must still have some personal issues about it and how we view and judge people based on its general definition.

  2. Lol I am so secretive about my own achievements even I don’t know what I am doing and where my wealth is stored :D. Anytime a woman shows some interest in me the occasional times I go on a dating app I reason “that must know something about me financially that I don’t” . I then try and make a deal with them that I am willing to share half my wealth with them if they can just tell me where it is. For some strange reason that’s when they all suddenly disappear into cyber silence ….. :/

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