Here’s statistics from my blog for 2020. I started blog in December 2018 and I didn’t take seriously blogging until start of 2020. I have business plan since 2019.

On my blog displayed some ads but I’ve earned on that $2 since the inception.

If you have ideas on how to grow blog faster and achieve monetization, please let me know.

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14 thought on “The honest WordPress blog statistics for 2020”
  1. Social media is one of the powerful media for getting traffic…Once the bounce rate reduced and write consistently incom will flow..

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  3. I am referring to actual Blog post themselves after you have finished searching. A simple blog that normally takes less than 5 minutes to read is purposely stretched out over 10 pages that are saturated with ads. Thats how they make their money. The more ads the more profit.If you us an AdBlock extension you receive a pop up message stating that you can only see content if you disable adblockker. Thats what I was referring to and as soon as I see that type of blog I leave it.

    1. Actually I’m working on creation of my small media company and ads will be the important part of monetization. I also get irritated from ads but I understand that the income for that who write posts…

  4. Google Ads will eventually destroy blogging and its present rate. Sometimes I stopped reading a blog because I felt an epilectic fit coming on through the flash flood of ads and I doat suffer from epilepsy. If you can just write simple description of recommendation of a roughly items and nothing more you may have far more success.

  5. Wow. You do have nice content. I really do love this.
    Please follow my blog. I have great and wonderful contents. God bless you as you do so. I promise to follow back🤲

    1. I’ve checked your blog. Here’s a few suggestions.
      You write long articles. But average attention span is 8 second (TikTok and Insta users attention span 4 second). Add more visuals into your blog (in Insta find relative and quite interactive images, screenshot it, remove watermarks and use it).

      Almost everyone (99.9%) read by following “F” letter pattern. So first 2 sentences must catch attention. Ask questions, and after give your opinion.

      At the end of every blogspot write “follow me” (in your way) because readers may forget that thay might follow you.

      Upper part of the blog looks heavy (because of dark color), try something more neutral by following 70/20/10 rule (70% main background color, 20% contrasting color (text color) and 10% as catching attention details.

      While writing add links to your another blog posts (use HTML to do it).

      Every day read others blogs and write at least 10 meaningful comments, so you will be able to grow your blog faster.

      Reuse your content a few times (one long post, another 2 short posts, one-two images with main point).

      No one search by using “( )” so avoid using it.

      Write proper Meta tags.
      Make site map (really easy, check YouTube tutorials) and send message to Google to use it.

      Try new WordPress format Stories.

      More content = higher ranking on search engine.

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