Today I visited IKEA first time in my life. New shop opened in Navi Mumbai (India). I was expecting amazing experience but it was even better than I expected.

But in this blig post I’d like to discuss more about furniture business in India. Here’s furniture extremely low quality and priced expensive. Also not organized retailers always make like a furniture block to attract more customers. Here’s a few big furniture companies but their pricing is not affordable for most of visitors. In IKEA it’s opposite. Affordable prices and huge variety. Also all customizable.

A few years ago I’ve furnished my rented appartment by furniture from online retailer. During first rainy season it was fully covered in fungus. In order to get rid of if I painted furniture on my own. I’ve seen the worst possible quality with huge price tag.

Today I liked a lot of furniture in IKEA but I already own furniture. I want to buy something new and stylish but that’s not what I need.

How’s your experience with IKEA furniture?

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