I commonly don’t response in 24 hours to that messages that make me feel uncomfortable. It’s not because I’m rude or I ghost someone, it’s because I prioritise my mental well-being.

I get a lot of messages in LinkedIn and most of it with request to buy some product or with request to coach (for free obviously) someone in trading. As I have limited time I could not coach everyone who ask me. Also if I do it for free than I take away my time from doing other activities that will pay off me in future.

I use the 24 hours rule: I press snooze button for 24 hours. Next day I decide if I want to response to that message or e-mail at all. By this I cut number of annoying people who try to use my stock market knowledge for free. I’ve spent last 7 years to learn about markets and people expect me to teach for free. I do some free coaching sessions but only on my terms and only for people who are the most persistent in learning.

Same rule I use in WhatsApp. If I’m annoyed by someone I’ll reply after 24 hours. By this I place boundaries.

In this blog way to many “I” & “me” just to explain that first priority it’s own wellbeing. And if I don’t response immediately that’s fine.

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