I don’t read book. I used to read one book per week, but now I don’t have time to read full book. I prefer short articles where all necessary data squeezed under 1000 words. That save me a lot of time and money. I write 1-3 blogs everyday and I need to read a lot to be able write useful blogs.

For centuries books was source of knowledge. But now everything changed. Obviously there’s available some morons who tell “I love the smell of book” and “if you want to will find time to real full book”. On YouTube available short book reviews with only main points and that’s better than to read entire book. Also books are expensive and way to make money for writers. I post blogs free of charge, why I must pay to read book? Unfair and outdated.

Do you agree with my statement?

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2 thought on “I don’t read books. Why?”
  1. I have gone somewhat in the opposite direction to you after years of watching You Tube films and reading thousands of short blogs. What I have noticed with myself is its all superficial, nothing sinks in deep and I experience information overload where I sometimes end up not really learning anything of deep lasting value. However I also gont believe in this must read a whole book a day, week or month either because in my case anyway turns out just the same nothing really sticks. I have also noticed talking to some people when I mention a certain book that I want to read that they respond “oh I have read that one already” but they can’t seem to be able to recall anything from it. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will only be able to scratch the surface of all the fantastic information and knowledge out there but that small bit that I scratched I will read and (maybe read some of it ) studying it thoroughly and try to apply it in my the short existance of time still given to me.

    1. Wow. I used to read books but after every book I started feeling that nothing catch my attention like it was from start. Now my longest read it’s initial public offering documents filed with SEC. 🙂

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