2 years ago I’ve registered on WordPress and started my blogging journey. I’ve been clueless, I didn’t know how to write meaningful blogs, I didn’t know about search engine optimization existence, I didn’t believe I could reach 100 subscribers, etc.

It was hard journey. I started my two YouTube channels and I’ve learn how to write simple code. Now I have so many new opportunities that I didn’t expect I could have.

For me blogging was out of my comfort zone.

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14 thought on “Today is my 2 year blogging anniversary”
      1. For me personally the primary attribute to good becoming a good Blogger is when you can express yourself from your heart rather than perfect grammer or spelling. The main audience I want to reach anyway are those who are really willing to listen and do not allow trivial discrepencies to side track their focus. Of course we want to continual work at improving that aspect of writing but we must never lose sight of the primary goal ‘CONTENT’.
        Some of the best speeches, interviews and conversations I ever had were with foreign speaking people that shared their story and arguments with passion. So I never allow grammer mistakes to stop me from reading a good blog.

      2. Thats not a bad thing. Pause, hesitate, reread double check. I am still working on that and even then you will still find a typo or grammatical error but it is still far less than when we excitedly post impulsively. View this as constructive criticism. I have just seen all my typos in this conversation and I am now dying of shame. 🧐 😱 πŸ˜…

      3. I’m native Russian speaker and my way of thinking and expressing thoughts quite different from English native speaker. Short blogs I check about grammar and spelling mistakes, long blogs my husband check. πŸ™‚

      4. and sometimes its just by doing that that you create your own unique style, it becomes your brand. If I go back nearly 4 to 5 decades ago recalling all the James Bond movies I watched starting with Sean Connery those Russian spies had a special charm aad charisma about them with their English speaking Russian accents and sentence structure. That when you use a disadvantage or imperfection to your advantage. Lol those our my thoughts anyway and you have to be a bit weird to be a good writer πŸ˜„

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