How many e-mails in your mailbox? And how many spam, promotional, social media, garbage e-mails do you store? That e-mails that you will never read. What about environmental impact of your garbage e-mail box?

Recently I came accross the website that calculate the environmental impact of e-mails.

Step 1. Select how many e-mails do you send and receive in a day. My number of e-mails “a few” (under 70 e-mails).

Step 2. Choose between part time and full time work. I’ve selected full time

Step 3. Check the report. Here’s mine.

Step 4. Get to know your impact.

Step 5. Delete all useless e-mails. Unsubscribe from automatic mail list. Delete everything that you don’t need. Go in “Trash” and delete all e-mails (if you don’t do it it will be automatically deleted in one month).

Thank you for subscribing. If you have not, subscribe now.


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