In last one year I gained 300 followers and lost approximately 50 followers. For all who play “follow -> unfollow game” carry on. You waste your time and have wrong priorities but you still drive traffic to my blog. Content is the most important part of blogging, number of followers is secondary.

By follow -> unfollow you will get some followers but it’s not because they are interesting in your content. It’s because they want to be nice and follow back. There’s no point in having 1000 followers if your blog post get 3 likes (one from you, one from parents and one random like). Write high quality content and you will not need to worry about number of followers.

Follow -> unfollow game create feeling that you do something to grow your blog. But if you start selling e-book, will your followers buy it? Obviously, no. Will they support you on Patreon? Noooo. They follow you but they don’t care about your content.

If you want to grow blog faster than do cross platform promotion of your content. And learn search engine optimization. It will open for you more opportunities for growing your blog into media company or e-commerce platform.

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