Recently I started asking myself “if I fail will I regret for attempt”. Till now I’ve regretted only about things that I didn’t do. I have zero regret about things that I tried to achieve but failed.

All started from definition of personal hell that I’ve heard in one Alux video (they are available on YouTube and you should definitely check their channel). Imagine that on last day of your life you meet yourself. But that second version of youself took the risk in almost every situation and achieved even more than you ever dream. Feel your pain and regent. Now imagine that you got one more chance to achieve all your dreams. Now, will you give up before trying? I think no. Risk, go out of your comfort zone, make that call, apply for that job opportunity, start your small business, tell about your feelings to your crush, choose life partner whom you will be proud of, etc. That’s your chance. Try it.

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