Adobe Inc financial performance in 2020 proved that company has long term vision and adjust to changes fast. As we all know the pandemic impacted all industries. But Adobe Inc presented impressive financial results in 2020 financial report (year ended on November 27).

For it’s products Adobe charge quite high prices (just check price list) but deliver the best software quality. Company constantly increase prices because their main clients can generate enough revenue to pay for original software. That who can’t afford it opt for pirate version. This reduce potential revenue.

Adobe key financial results for 2020 financial year

  1. Revenue: subscriptions $11.26B; product $507M; services and other $735M. Total revenue $12.8B.
  2. Cost of revenue $1.7B.
  3. Gross profit $11.1B.
  4. Total operating expenses $6.9B.
  5. Operating income $4.2B.
  6. Total assets $24.3B.
  7. Total liabilities $11B.

Adobe Inc stock price movement available on chart below

Adobe Inc growing faster than expected because more users try thier software while working remotely. It’s expected similar growth rate in 2021 financial year.

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