Do you feel low self-esteem when you don’t sleep enough? That’s the reality of people with sleep deprivation. And that’s now my reality too.

We all know that we should sleep 8 hours minimum. But because of work and lifestyle we rarely sleep enough. Sleep deprivation turns into something that makes us feel low self-esteem, mood swings, frustration, sadness, junk food cravings, no concentration, etc.

I knew that I don’t sleep enough. But I’ve never thought how badly my sleeping patterns. I’ve faced the reality after I purchased Xiaomi fitness tracker (it’s not sponsored). I was shocked when I’ve seen that my deep sleep duration is longer that in 3% of users. First I thought that I might not wear it enough tight, after a few nights I understood that problem not in my fitness tracker, but problem in me.

Sleep deprivation affected all aspects of life. If you think that shorter sleep time suits you, than your body is not yet signalled about this brewing problem. Here’s a few things that will improve sleep quality and duration:

  • Go sleep early. Yeah, you must do it. Even if you don’t like it. Even if you are an owl.
  • No caffeine in 4 hours before your bed time.
  • Avoid alcohol. Yes, you will fall asleep faster but your sleep quality will suffer.
  • Eat proper dinner. Don’t skip, don’t try to sleep on empty stomach. Feed your body right combination of nutrients.
  • Exercise. You must feel tired to fall asleep faster.
  • Create 5 minutes skincare routine but without using your phone!
  • Arrange the most comfortable and cozy bed for yourself.
  • Turn off phone notifications. No disturbance mood.
  • Kiss your loved one, kids, cats & dogs and go sleep.

List is simple. Sticking to list if the hardest part.

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