This is famous Parkinson’s law (please don’t mistake it with Parkinson’s disease). Parkinson low is something that I see in real life everyday. Here’s a few examples:

  • I had all day to write the blog post. Now it’s 23:40 and I’m finally busy with writing. I gave to myself too much time and I’m going to complete the task in last moment.
  • I give to myself all day to write code, in result I write in last moment and I don’t feel like it’s something worth of posting.
  • I have so much time to call parents but I’ll call around midnight.
  • I give to myself too much of time to learn Hindi. 5 years later I’m still not able to tell anything meaningful in Hindi.
  • I give to my domestic helper 1 hour during which she could come. She comes in last minute. Always.

Every task must have deadline. And that’s the only way to get things done. I know I’m not always able to follow my advice but most of the time I stick to it.

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