Recently i started receiving hateful messages from people who love to overthink. Yes, maybe my opinion “move your a** and get things done” could be offensive to some people who come across my blog.

So, I’ve been called “dude”,who has no empathy, no kindness and other phrases that is not polite to share. I’ve been blackmailed and asked to pay “forgiveness fee” in bitcoins. That’s common for people to take an offensive position. It’s always easier to blame others for own misery and visit therapist to get things fixed by someone else. What about getting things done? What about taking control over your life?

There’s available powerful techniques: locus of control. Every small & big achievement create believe in self control and ability to create own future.

If you believe that you can control your life then it’s true. If you believe that you can’t control your life that’s also true. Choose your side wisely.

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