Success is a result of simple and repetitive actions done over prolonged period of time. That’s how simple it is. Consistency it’s something that we’re not taught in school. You must learn it on your own .

Consistency needed in all aspects of life: career, self-education, health, fitness, relationship, friendship, etc. It’s something that’s hard to master but provide long lasting impact. Consistency could be achieved by following the 1% rule: improve just 1% per day and in year you will see 37 times improvement.

Classic way of achieving something is to define the goal and take big leaps in order to accomplish the goal. But we loose motivation fast. And after achieving the goal we feel empty inside. The concept of 1% helps us to avoid burnout but still achieve the goal.

By following this strategy you will achieve 37 times improvement. From start it will be hard to identify the progress but after one month you will feel the difference.

I tried to follow this rule and wrote just one (sometimes more than one) blogspot per day. Now I’m on 300+ days streak in blogging. It’s became habit. When I have enough time I write long research. When I run out of time I write short motivational blog post. It makes me feel that I’m closer to my goal day by day. Also I don’t feel burnout because of overworking.

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