I don’t share my plans to anyone. Why? Because people try to intimidate my plans. Most of them will not believe that it’s possible. Some of them will feel jealous. And most of them will fear.

  1. People are afraid that you will achieve it and they will feel like complete losers.
  2. People are jealous about your success.
  3. People want your success but without doing anything.
  4. People have negative experience and think that you will get the same negative experience.
  5. People couldn’t understand that you can risk and they can’t.
  6. People wish you to lose. Even if they tell opposite.

It’s always better to keep everything to yourself. And even after you achieve something big still keep it in secret. You don’t need to shout about your success. Keep it private and make even bigger plans.

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2 thought on “Don’t let people to talk fear into your plans.”
  1. Preach! Such wisdom. I say the same thing. People can be very strange. I have learned to keep most of my plans to myself.

    1) People can be very discouraging toward my plans, thinking they won’t work out.

    2) Sometimes, people open their mouth and go blabbing my business around when I either wasn’t ready for it to go around or never intended telling others.

    3) When I begin to make progress, if I let someone know of my progress, sometimes they may go around bragging; then here is undue pressure on me now to perform, because people think I’m better at what I do than I really am.

    4) People can be envious and come to resent me and/or may try to sabotage me.

    1. Absolutely agree with your words!
      When I was studying in university everyone from my relatives believed that I’m a complete loser. Why? Me and parents always told to everyone that there’s nothing that we are proud of. And everyone believed. In the same time I became millionaire (in my local currency but that was unbelievable success for me) and I got married in secret. After everyone got to know about it they been telling my parents that we fooled them 🙂 it’s always the best to keep what you do in absolute silence.

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