You don’t need to be the CEO to feel yourself like a boss. You must work smart and sometimes hard to feel like a boss for yourself. It’s one of the best strategy to achieve what you believe success looks like for you.

How to be boss for yourself:

  1. Get to know what you want in life. It’s all about your wants and not wants of your parents, partner, society, colleagues. It’s about you. Your life is your game. Know what you are playing for.
  2. Learn to tell “no”. You have limited hours per day to turn your dreams into your reality. So don’t waste your precious time on pleasing others by telling them “yes”. Every time you tell “yes” to unwanted things, you tell “no” to yourself.
  3. Write down your tasks. From big tasks (buy house, go for vocation) to even smallest task. You will be able to breath free after you will not need to create plans in your mind and after that forget about it.
  4. Choose task that you can fulfill today that will make you closer to your dream.
  5. Every day choose tasks from your list and fulfill till end of the day. Cross your tasks and feel this pleasure.
  6. Create no-to-do-list. This list is extremely important because you select what you will not do during the day (no video games, no social media scrolling, no chocolate, etc).
  7. Use the Pareto law: 20% of work give 80% of return and vice versa.
  8. Learn how to invest money into assets that will give stable return. In order to master the art of investing you should start early.
  9. There’s always will be days when you over achieve and there will be days when you barely make yourself move out of the bed. Use strategy of minimum required work to push needle farther. Just do bare minimum and you will feel good about it.
  10. Explore the world and try as many new things as possible. You will never know what you want if you don’t try.
  11. Work on your strengths. Don’t waste time to make yourself perfect in all areas.
  12. No emotional rollercoaster. Learn to be calm even near people who irritate you. Your mental health and mindfulness in priority.
  13. Don’t do useless drama in relationship. Be picky and be proud about your partner.
  14. Learn to feel proud even when you fail. You can try again and again with your new wisdom until you succeed.
  15. Change your goals according to your needs. You can’t have the same goals when you are 16 and when you are 30.
  16. It’s never too late to achieve success. But start as early as possible.

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