Social media users are obsessed with number of followers. Most probably everyone believes that in some point of time will be able to monetize account. But that time never come. Why? Here’s all answers.

Social media designed to keep users hooked. Only in two industries customers are called “users”: illegal substitutes and social media. Social media owners & investors are making a lot of money on keeping users active. As more regularly users log in, as more time they spend online, as more ads they see, as more they buy, as more profit they generate.

On social media created the illusion that you can achieve success by posting regularly and staying in touch with auditory.

But does it actually support your financial success? Short answer no. Long answer is more complex.

How much time you invested into growing your social media footprint? And how much money you earned? Now, divide number of worked hours and your income from it. Let me guess. Your number is 0. You invested a lot of time and effort. But your income from it zero. Sounds ridiculously? You just worked for free to generate free content for social media owners. And be sure they will never lose the chance to earn.

In some cases you received promotional products to advertise in your account. But that’s not real money. Just bunch of free trash for advertising.

Obviously some people fake it until they make it. But there’s better ways to earn living than working for free with illusion that you will fake it until you make it.

Disclaimer. I have Insta account. And I don’t encourage you to stop using social media. I try to show that you need keep track on online time and no profits from daily posting.

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