Who don’t like to travel? I thought that everyone like to travel. Until I shifted to India. I met soooo many people who never travel and considered it as waste of money. Seriously?

I live in Mumbai and every Sunday me and my husband are going for a long drive. Sometimes we plan our journey, sometimes we drive without any plan. It’s absolutely worth of it. I don’t share my photos on social media and I don’t feel like I need to make so many images. I prefer to enjoy beauty of nature.

But let’s speak about people who don’t travel. They spend all day infront of TV. And life passes by. People don’t understand that tomorrow may not come and need to live today. Or even if tomorrow will come there might not be an opportunity to travel (money, health, government restrictions, war, natural disasters, etc). Here’s a few key points why people don’t travel:

  • They don’t want to travel. They prefer to sit on their broken ass infront of TV or phone.
  • Their desire to travel killed by society and others opinion.
  • They have no one to travel with. I’ve traveled 4 countries alone with my backpack and never regret about solo journey.
  • They are too busy. But busy is never equal to productive.
  • They are uncomfortable with the language barrier.
  • They are afraid. People prefer to hide behind stupid excuses and present as a fear.
  • They don’t known where they want to go. Even with Google Map million travel websites they can’t find the desirable destination.
  • They feel like they might be disappointed by destination and prefer do not go anywhere.
  • They don’t have enough money. Let’s be real. If you really want, yoy will earn more and go for vocation.
  • They have debt.
  • They don’t have enough time.
  • They don’t have a supportive partner or family.

As I shifted to India, I’ve traveled soooo much and I’ve seen more place than people who spend here all their life. I visited beautiful destinations and not so beautiful destinations. I’ve lost a few times, I didn’t find the accommodation in advance, I didn’t know where I’m gonna eat, but I’ll definitely repeat this experience.

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