On October 29, 2020 Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) published Third Quarter Results. Company’s average monetizable daily active usage (mDAU) grew 29% to 187 million. This means significant growth of revenue.


Twitter key financial results for Q3 2020:

  1. Revenue $936 million.
  2. Total cost and expenses $880 million (cost of revenue $361 million; research and development $208 million; sales and marketing $215 million; general and administrative $94 million).
  3. Income from operations $56 million.
  4. Income before income taxes $29 million.
  5. Net income $28,659 million.
  6. Net income per share (basic) $0,04.
  7. Net income per share (diluted) $0,04.
  8. Net margin 3%.
  9. Advertising revenue $808 million (15% increase yoy).
  10. US revenue $512 million (10% increase yoy).
  11. Data licensing and other revenue totalled $127 million (5% increase yoy).
  12. Cash, cash equivalent and short-term investments in marketable securities totalled $7.68B.

During 2020 pandemic users spend more time online due to travel ban, different restrictions, social disbalance norms, etc. Twitter team work hard to provide trusted source of information and that’s exactly what advertisers around the world need. Twitter’s audience engagement is high. And current technology improvements help to keep users check their Twitter feed a few times per day.

Monetizable daily active usage or users (mDAU) represent users, organisations or others accounts who logged in on any given day. This is key metric for Twitter. More users = higher revenue. Twitter display ads to users and earn on it. But cost per and engagement falling. That means more ads must be displayed to ear similar revenue. Twitter generate more of it’s revenue by selling promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends. Twitter also earn on data licensing that allow partners to access, search and analyze historical and real-time data on platform. Twitter operate a mobile ad exchange and receive service fees from it.

In report mentioned that company can’t reasonably estimate the full impact of COVID-19 pandemic on company’s future financial and operational results.

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