We own too such of useless items and not enough useful items. For example we are okay to spend $2000 for the wedding dress but to pay $2k for plane tickets it’s expensive. We spend $10 on junk food but $10 per two kilo of apples it’s expensive. We spend 8 hours in bed but save on mattress quality. We sit countless hours in horrible chair but we don’t upgrade it. We spend 16 hours in shoes but still buy cheap crap. Why? Let me explain.

Marketing departments spend a lot of time on market research and recognising customer behavior. That’s why ads which we see tailored for us to trigger purchase desire. We are constantly told that we need to own that new & expensive & useless item to be happy. But in most cases it will make us more anxious.

We must learn to understand when purchase is needed and when purchase made based on targeted ad. In social media almost all popular influencers are promoting some sh*ty overpriced items. We follow them. We are under their influence.

It make sence to invest in high quality & multipurpose items that’s we use every day. Everyday items must be in priority because used the most. And occasional items could be rented for one time use.

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4 thought on “If you lost it, would you buy it again?”
  1. This is wonderful advice! Long term investment is often overlooked when it comes to the “small things” in life, but they are just as if not more important than our big one-in-a-lifetime decisions.

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