How many times you tell “yes” to people when you want to tell “no”? We are thought to be nice to people and don’t disappoint them. That’s why we prefer to tell “yes”, it’s easier and will not make us feel like a piece of sh*t. But when you tell “yes” to someone, you tell “no” to yourself.

Deeply inside you know what you want. Also you know which extra work you wish to do and which you prefer to skip. People will ask for your free help because it’s free. In moment when you start charging money for your help you will have no one who’s willing to use your time and effort.

Another strategy is a strategy of “that’s great that you asked me for help, I just wanted to ask you to do this task for me”. People don’t want to do extra, so you will get rid of annoying requests. People always expect that you feel guilty about rejecting request. Don’t fall in this trap. Tell “no”.

Remember that you must do things for yourself first, and charge for extra tasks. That’s how you gonna save the time and will not feel guilty about it.


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