Animals act in a group way better than individually. Humans act the best when act individually. But what if to create the system that’s gonna enable humans to act in group on superhuman level?

Swarm AI (artificial intelligence) is the technology that enables more accurate decisions. The technology is based on maximizing groups combined knowledge, insights and intuition.

Swarm intelligence is the biological principle that allows swarms to reach optimal level of decision with remarkable efficiency. Nature give almost unlimited examples of swarm intelligence but humans have been unable to use it except for copping nature.

Nature is a masterpiece. But what about practical use of swarm intelligence in business life? There’s available many way: key decisions making, choice of perfect employees, investment decisions, game prediction

While predicting something selected group of people (50-100) who understand the topic. They are given possible outcomes. They gonna have discussion and gonna explore others opinion. Till the end they must come up with decision that’s gonna represent group opinion. Sometimes more than one decision allowed. Accuracy of swarm intelligence is like accuracy of superhumans.

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