When I see empty space in fridge I immediately want to buy something and put inside. So, I don’t have empty white space. Behind this available logic. Let me explain.

Home appliances increased in size as well as waistline grown. It became normal to stockpile convenience food (highly processed and prepackaged) that minimize cooking time. Avarage fridge size increased, popularity gained double door fridges. But do people really need such a huge fridges? Simple answer. No. Why people buy giant fridges? Because it’s look great in kitchen and can keep huge pizzas and beers chilled and ready for consumption.

The culture of buying too much of food spread across the world. Even in developing countries food it’s became the problem.

Average human weight increased over last 50 years. The Body Mass Index also increased.

Many families can’t afford fancy fridge prefer to get second fridge to store more junk food that is convenient. It’s so called the second refrigerator syndrome. Bulk food shopping proved to be wasteful. People believe that they are saving by buying 20 packs of sausages. How much will go into waste? Approx 50%. What about smart refrigerators with see through door? It encourages to eat more. Because we eat what we see.

For example in India so much food waste in big cities that it’s hard to believe in it. Many star hotels throw away buffet leftovers instead of feeding employees. And many people starving. That’s a sad reality.

In my home country (Ukraine) food waste is a huge problem. Somehow families with small income manage to purchase more food that they need. 1/4 of all food go in trash.

In my home I’ve learnt not to have much waste. I buy veggies for 4 days only and go for veggies shopping only after fridge is empty. I love cooking and commonly buy new ingredients for me cooking experiments. I buy smallest package and if I don’t like it I donate it to my domestic worker.

We buy big refrigerators, we buy more food, we serve more food, we throw away more food, we overeat. Closed circle.

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