Zero euro banknotes exist and rapidly gaining popularity. Rational question will be who need €0 banknotes and who’s printing it. Here’s all details.

€0 banknotes are souvenirs and became one of the most purchased souvenirs in the countries where it’s available. In 2015 Richard Faille created ideal euro souvenir with face value zero. European Central Bank approved their printing. €0 notes printed by the French security printer Oberthur Technologies. €0 notes sold via vending machines that installed in most popular destinations. Zero euro banknotes look like real banknotes:

  • Cotton paper.
  • Version number & year.
  • Code of country of issue.
  • Customer code.
  • Serial code.
  • Invisible fluorescent ink.
  • Visible fluorescent ink.
  • Transparent register.
  • Microprint.
  • Hologram.
  • Watermark.
  • Security stripe.
  • SimulTouch.

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