It’s easy to stop on the way, to give up when things get harder. Everyday I want to quit blogging because it doesn’t give any return. Everyday it’s looks like time waste. It’s been almost two years of writing without any return. Before I registered my WordPress blog I read many articles that it will not be easy and fast. Now I clearly understand it. Blogging it’s not easy, it’s not fun, it’s boring and repetitive work.

Do you have same feeling about your blogging?


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5 thought on “The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces”
  1. I’ve been blogging on & off for a few years now, but only recently started a specific blog series. After almost 10 posts & just 1 like and 1 comment (by a family member I had to coerce to read the blog, & who only read 1 post), I was beginning to feel I was doing something wrong, but seems it a all part of the course from your post. I am hoping my post will positively impact people’s relationships with their finances & that for me will be success… so not anywhere near there as no one’s engaging with my posts… but eh, I am enjoying the process anyway. How do you earn money from blogging anyway (didn’t even know that was possible)?

    1. Your blog posts named “Journey to financial freedom…. 05, 06…”. No one search in Google like this. Improve blog names to be ranked number 1 in Google search of at least in top 10. Use more specific blog posts names. Use blog post name in keywords, and after use one word keywords that related to your blogspot (finance, money, business, productivity, procrastination, social media, work, career, etc). Your blog will be shown in WordPress feed for everyone who follow specific keyword or searched for keyword.
      Also follow your own blog and press like button right after you post new post. Ask all family members to like your blogspot without one hour after published. Blog posts with a few likes will attract more views because readers will thinks that post is interesting that’s why u have likes on it.
      Repost blogspot in LinkedIn
      Post funny content about finance (unlimited number of images available in Instagram), post motivational quotes and catchy images (take someone’s image, crop, remove copyright words on it). Please don’t make your blog too serious, have fun while creating content.

      In WordPress available ads but that doesn’t generate much profit.

      I’m not yet properly monetized my blog.

      1. Thank you so much for this insight; I didn’t even know I had to check google! Such a novice moi 😃. I was just enjoying the process & hoping to impact a few people, but yep I’d love for my content to receive acknowledgment. So i really appreciate the pointers; will get my thinking cap on now… 🙏🏽

  2. I blog just to express and interact…never looked it at as a platform to earn money hence…such thoughts have not struck so far..🙏

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