I think everyone experienced this type of situation. Uncomfortable fashion and accessories are part of out life. When I had internship in hospitality industry (in hotel), I used to wear such a uncomfortable shoes that made me cry many times. When I requested my manager to be able to wear comfortable shoes, I got answer that everyone wear this shoes and only I complaint. Everyone else was silently suffering. Guess what? I quit that toxic internship after two months and literally told to dumb manager what I thought about awful uniform that looked like from grandma time, about shoes that was slowly destroying my feet, about disgusting food in cafeteria, about standing for 9 hours near the empty restaurant door, etc. It was one of the best thing that I’ve ever done.

I left toxic company. And now I see how stupid and overconfident managers are. They are literally no one, but they ensure the worst possible working condition of everyone.

My internship was with 5* hotel (in reality over glorified 4*) that I got via AIESEC. For internship in went to another country and quit after two months. Now I couldn’t be more happy about it.

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