In last 6 months I didn’t eat fast-food. And I can tell that fast-food addiction exist. Fast-food is easy, cheap, yummy… But this come in a cost: your health, extra kilos, acceptance of laziness…

Here’s a few interesting consequences of eating fast-food:

  1. You promote your laziness. Cook or not to cook? Obviously no, fast-food easily available. Cooking presented as something unnecessary. As a result laziness take control over you.
  2. You became less successful. How your body can function in the best possible way if you feed trash to yourself?
  3. You may experience nutritional starving. Empty calories without needed nutrition.
  4. Mental health issues. People who ate fast-food were more likely to develope depression (51% increased chances).
  5. Memory problems. Your body need precise calorie count, minerals, vitamins, carbs, fat and protein. Regular consumption of fast-food disrupt the blood flow to the brain. What could be more alarming?
  6. Fat shaming is prohibited, so I’ll tell in polite way: “you are getting fat”. If you consume more calories than you burn, expect fat deposits in most unflattering places.
  7. You feel lethargic. Food high in fat and sugar digest fast and makes you feel like no energy to run youself through the day.
  8. Bloated belly is your really.
  9. You don’t poo properly. Sorry, but food with low fiber content create constipation issues.
  10. Stomach, kidney and liver problems. This need no explanation.
  11. Fast-food lead to hormonal imbalance.
  12. High sugar that leads to diabetes.
  13. High risk of cancer and heart diseases.
  14. Skin problems. You know that fast-food / junk food spoil your skin but still eat it.
  15. Hair fall. Didn’t expect this one in list? Hair is reflection of your health. No health = no beautiful hair.
  16. Risk of kids’ obesity and overall health risks.
  17. Bones and tooth problems. Do you consumer 1000 mg of calcium per day? If not, you will spend a lot on dentist appointments. Fast-food is not providing enough calcium (hardly any calcium) to your body.
  18. The FDA allows no more than one rodent hair per 100 grams in peanut butter. The FDA allows up to 25mg of grit per 100 grams peanut butter. What about yummy cupcakes with peanut butter? Not the best thing.
  19. FDA allows up to 400 insect fragments per 50 grams of ground cinnamon. And ground marjoram can contain up to 1,175 insect fragments and up to nine rodent hair per 10 grams. Yummy cinnamon rolls.
  20. FDA (food and drug administration) allows no more than 15 or more fruit fly eggs and one or more maggots per 100 grams of ketchup sauce. Bon appetit.

Life without fast-food exist. Yummy life. Hopefully I was able to showcase potential health problems for fast-food lovers.

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