I watched Mad Men series in Netflix. This series is about an advertising genius from Madison square New York. On quest for perfection to express about the product to the consumers, he worked really hard. Moreover he was in US army and encountered death many times. This empowered his philosophical and emotional assertiveness to new heights. That’s how he has super ability to understand inherent reason of a consumer. In the series as creative director he proposed new advertising ideas to clients. Major clients are Coca-cola, Lucky Strike, Jaguar, General Motors, etc. But the most impressive advertising pitch was for lipstick brand. Here I would like to brief you the lipstick brand. The lipstick company’s sales revenue has been reducing year after year. In a desperation to gain business the company management has been producing various colors of lipstick. Further more they had invested hugely into print media and electronic media. But their sale figures were not improving significantly. Even worse condition the sales executives were not able to attract retailers. When retailers questioned they answered “Neither customers ask for your lipstick Nor you give more margin than competitors”

So now management is clueless but came to meet Don Draper “The advertising genius”. Don Draper proposed to CEO of the lipstick company with shades of red color only. During the advertising pitch the client was expecting a print media add portraying any colors and their shades. Because they had presumption females like many colors of lipstick. On the contrary Don Draper, the charismatic creative director, presented Ad campaign with red color only. The lipstick company CEO got angry. Suddenly Don Draper got up from his chair and thanked the client for wasting his time. The CEO shockingly asked why he can’t propose for an advertisement campaign with various colors.

The reply of Don Draper was historical and heart touching. He said “No woman would like to be an ordinary object out of box full with many colors lipsticks”. A woman wants to show the world this man is mine. She express her possessive feelings by marking her man with red lipstick. She does it to emphasize her man belongs to her only, not to you, not to any other female. “Mark your man” by Belle Jolie lipstick…..

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