I was speechless when I’ve seen that GDP of India reduced by 23.9%. That’s unbelievable number for such a big country. Since imposed quarantine on March 22, 2020 people stopped spending money and everything was closed. As result GDP number is worst in last 40 years. What was a point of extreme lockdown if number of coronavirus cases near 4 million?

For last a few years millions people escaped poverty and after lockdown even bigger number of people fell into poverty. But goverment is busy to see struggle of people who hardly earn 10k per month.

Now media write articles like “Indian economic recovery will be V-shape”. Obviously it will be. People can’t continue to live inside home without earning money. Many places still considered contaminated zone and people struggle to put food on table.

In fight with coronavirus, coronavirus won. Everyone else lost a lot of time, lost income, lost opportunities.

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