Most of the time it’s hard to understand value of art. Especially if it’s Untitled Head by Jean-Michel Basquiat, completed in 1982. This art piece available in auction for $1,5 million.

I like art but this type of art makes me question artist’s ability to paint. If I would paint something like this in school’s painting classes, I would get worst marks. But it seems like for painter it’s not needed to be able to paint. Jean-Michel Basquiat was drug addict who died of heroin overdose. Definately bit the best role model. But how his works priced so high? Someone explain me.

Disclaimer. It’s my opinion and I don’t want to hurt you if you like Jean-Michel Basquiat works.

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2 thought on “Jean-Michel Basquiat untitled paint 1982 for sale on auction”
  1. I completely understand what you mean. A 3 year old indeed could paint this. I’m an artist and spent many years at art school and I often rolled my eyes at a lot of the teachers. The thing is art is not just art. The art world indeed is very obscure. However, Jean-Michel Basquiat was brilliant. He was incredibly talented and gifted. He didn’t study art, but just expressed himself on canvas. His art is incredible. However, this head is really pretty crappy (I think!) and if I would have painted it, I would have thrown it in the trash. That said, it’s possible, that after he died, someone found it in his trash can (I have no idea what the history of that piece is, just hypothetically) but because he was famous and dead, his “trash” now became incredibly valuable. Basquiat used to hang out with the “elite” in New York and was buddies with Andy Warhol. He also lived such a short life followed by a tragic death. All of this combined makes his art valuable just because of who he was. Once an artist has acquired international fame you can sell his dirty old socks at auction, it’s the history that’s rare and valuable, not necessarily the art. There are many many extremely talented artists out there who sell their paintings for $100 or so because they think: o, it’s just something I did. The value of art is really hard to understand. Sometimes, if the same artist who sold his art for $100 before, now decides to sell the same painting for $10,000, then that’s what the art is worth and it’s MORE likely to sell, because people think: O, wow, he must be really good. It’s very bizarre. Stay away from the art world and let your children draw some cool stuff and frame it. All children are great artists. Sorry for the rant. Just my two cents worth. 🙂

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