For all art lovers, Sotheby’s auction is the most awaited occasion. Currently all auctions hold online due to ongoing pandemic. But art lovers can’t wait to bid for unique art pieces. Last month famous painting “Femme au Chapeau Rouge” by Joan Miro sold for £22,302,140 (roughly $30 million).

Joan Miro (1893-1983) left after himself legacy that every Spanish is proud of. His art is completely multifaceted and instantly recognisable. Peinture (Femme au Chapeau Rouge) belongs to cycle of ‘dream paintings’, completed in 1927 and it’s 130 by 97.2 cm oil on canvas.

“I painted as if in a dream, with the most total freedom. The canvases of this period are the most naked I have painted.”

Joan Miro

Here’s explanation of this art piece by J. Dupin. Forms are radically simplified, figures become weightless and colourless ellipses […] features and ornaments are eliminated in order to bring out their ghostly aspect, their inner vibrations, the trails they leave behind them in the air […] space unfurls in a monochromatic expansion of colour […] a realm of fluid, fleeting lines – lines so light they turn into dots – of juxtaposed splotches and muted colours – the most common colour being white, a spectral, lunar white […] an unlimited cycle of nocturnal improvisations, works that suddenly rise up and are brushed onto the canvas like dream-stories or fantastic blueprints’

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