Smartphone usage created set of new health problems that were not available even 10 years ago. I’m not a doctor but I’ve experienced severe numbness in fingers which I use while typing. This condition called Texting Thumb.

Thumb numbers and crumbs happening even after a few hours without screen time. Most people consider that they just got tired and finder numbness is not something serious. But over long period of time it leads to permanent damage to nerve. Here’s a few useful ways how to deal with texting thumb problem:

  • Stretch your arms, wrist, fingers and give a few minutes to relax without touching screen.
  • Massage your fingers.
  • Use headset.
  • Record short audio messages instead of typing. It drastically cut need of typing.
  • If you need to type than keep message short (avoid useless blah-blah-blah).
  • Use speech to text Google software.
  • Buy stand for your phone to use it instead of holding phone in hand.
  • Use Alexa to find for you something in Google.
  • Use laptop to watch videos (bigger screen + you don’t need to hold it).

Simple & useful advices. I did not include advice like “use your phone less” or “cut your phone time” because that’s impossible nowadays.

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