Short answer is yes. You will weight less on the equator than at the North & South Pole. Long answer is more complicated but let me explain in most simple and short way.

You always experience earth’s gravity, sun’s gravity, moon’s gravity, earth’s centrifugal force. Earth’s gravity is approximately constant but slight variations available on equator and poles. Earth’s gravity at the equator is 9.798 m/s2. Earth’s gravity at the poles is 9.863 m/s2. As you can see there’s small difference available.

The earth’s centrifugal force is 0.034 m/s2 at the equator. The centrifugal force at the North & South Pole are 0.

The total weight (gravity minus centrifugal force) at the sea level on the equator is 9.764 m/s2 and 9.863 m/s2 at the North & South Pole. According to this numbers 200 pounds at the North (South) Pole will weight 198 pounds at the equator.

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