Counties move their capital cities because of various reasons (politics, economical, ethnical, environmental, etc.) Here’s a few examples:

  • Ottawa, Canada. In 1857 Queen Victoria selected Ottawa as a capital city, a compromise location between Toronto and Montreal.
  • New Delhi, India. In 1912 capital city moved from Calcutta to New Delhi.
  • Canberra city, Australia. In 1913 Canberra was selected as new country’s capital city. It was compromise between Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Ankara city, Turkey. In 1923 the Turkish nationalist replaced the Ottoman Empire with the Republic of Turkey and shifted national capital from Constantinople to Ankara.
  • Islamabad, Pakistan. In 1960 the capital city was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad in order to diversity development across the country.
  • Brasilia city, Brazil. In 1960 national capital shifted from Rio De Janeiro to newly built Brasilia in order to bust inland growth.
  • Abuja City, Nigeria. In 1991 government moved the capital city from Lagos to Abuja in order to provide the new place for three major ethnic groups.
  • Naypyidaw city, Myanmar. In 2005 Myanmar’s capital city moved from Yangon due to military reasons.

This list is not full but I’ve selected the most interesting and the most recent capital city changes. In a few countries new capital cities under construction. But the biggest new capital city under construction is Egypt’s Wedian (located near the Cairo city).

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