Have you ever tried the 2 minutes rule? It’s easy and life-changing. First keep 2 minutes timer and after do the task for just 2 minutes without any interruption. After you start and complete 2 minutes you will continue with your task. In any situation the hardest part is to start.

The 2 minutes rule help to build new habits and get things done before the deadline. By using this method you make everything more simple. Here’s a few examples how to use this method:

  • Do morning stretching just for 2 minutes.
  • Spend 2 minutes on frying eggs for breakfast.
  • Measure your 2 litters of water per day and pour in bottle.
  • Start working on project (task just for 2 minutes and after you will continue.
  • Put on your gym outfit and do 2 minutes of workout. After this you won’t stop.

Just a few examples. Everything depends on your lifestyle and goals.

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