Who can live without chocolate? I met a few people so far who don’t like the chocolate. People dislike cheap quality chocolate with too much of sugar. For example in India Candbary makes chocolate with 65% sugar. It’s like eating sugar instead of chocolate. Oh, let’s not forget about milk powder (maybe real, maybe not) and increasing number of lactose intolerant consumers.

I came across articles from respected publishers where’s mentioned that American mass-produced chocolate contains butyric acid (exactly the same compound that make vomit taste sour and smell badly).

Also polyglycerol polyricinoleate (PGPR) is used as a water-in-oil type emulsifier in chocolate and chocolate-type confectionary. It used to reduce fat, improve spreadability, prevent crystals formation, eliminate bubbles formation, reduce percentage of cocoa butter, etc.

Another reason is genetically mutated tongue. This people can’t eat strongly flavored food (in this example chocolate).

Some people just don’t like the way chocolate look or feels on tongue.

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