Have you ever tried to understand the reason behind your laziness? It might not make sense right now but let me explain my question (in shortest possible way).

Your dreams will not come true if you won’t work towards it. Most of us having clear understanding what we need to to in order to achieve goals. Also most of us have to-do list. But how often do you stick to your to-do list? Do we stick to both , work to-do list and personal to-do list. We clearly know what we must complete today to move closer to desirable future. What happens next? You feel lazy to do any task or we lose motivation to fast.

We blame laziness for lack of success. But is it true? I don’t think so. We feel lazy when we have wrong goals, when we don’t spark anything inside us. Instead of dealing with it, we moving in wrong direction (it might look right for others), we choose to write to-do list and never complete it. Here’s a few examples.

  • You feel lazy to go gym. Why? Not because you don’t have time or you are tired. It’s because you don’t like to do gym (same boring repetitive exercises). Instead try dance classes, long walk, yoga, ballet dancing, boxing, etc. Change your routine to be exited about your workout.
  • You don’t like to cook healthy meals. Why? Maybe you don’t understand how much harm low quality food does to your body? You can always make proper meal under 10 minutes (oats, eggs, salad, tea). Cooking is not boring. Boring is to have health problems because of wrong diet.
  • You are always late. Why? Maybe you feel that, it’s not what you truly want to do. Maybe you are introvert or maybe you don’t feel value from that meeting.
  • You are not productive in office. Why? Maybe because, it’s not what you want to do in life. Maybe you work from paycheck to paycheck just to justify your career choice.

That’s only a few examples. Laziness is an indicator of you mowing in wrong direction. Also you might feel lazy because your brain in hooked on dopamine rush and instant gratification. Remember that you have to figure out the minimum required work per day, to keep you moving towards your goals. Some days you will do way more than minimum required work, some days you will do only the minimum. But this will help you to move farther in life.

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    ◇ “Laziness” means doing The Wrong Thing; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that We NEED!!! to THINK!!!

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