Wabi-sabi is a Japanese philosophy that stands for perfectly imperfect (life, character, relationship, objects, design, etc). Word “wabi” stands for rustic simplicity, word “sabi” stands for taking pleasure in the imperfect.

Modern perfectionism is an opposite to wabi-sabi. As we all try to complete tasks in perfect manner, achieve perfect relationship, became the perfect person, surround ourselves by perfectionism. This leads to disbalance and disappointment in life. Because fulfilled project is always better that never completed but perfect project. Happy relationship is not based on perfectionism, it’s based on acceptance of others (and own too) imperfections.

Another example of wabi-sabi is kintsugi (literal meaning is “to join with gold”). It’s unique aesthetics when the broken pieces of pot (tea cup mostly) carefully picked up, resembled and joint together with lacquer infected by gold powder. In kintsugi imperfections are highlighted and embraced.

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