Have you ever heard about NOT-TO-DO LIST? Surprisingly this list as important as to do list. Here’s why.

We all know the importance of writing down tasks for the day, week, month, year, etc. But what we choose not to do determine how successful we will be. For example. You have 10 must do things per day in your to do list. You can accomplish all 10 things in 8 hours. But if you will be distracted by things from not-to-do list than you won’t complete almost anything during the day. Here’s some ideas for not-to-do list:

  1. No social media before 5 pm.
  2. No fast food.
  3. No checking e-mail after 5 pm.
  4. No games before 5 pm.
  5. No nonsense talks.

This is just an example and actual not-to-do is personal commitment. Choose wisely what you choose not to do and stick to it.

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