Twitter recently been attacked by hackers and this was the main news about the company. But let’s take a look in what’s going on with company’s finance as well as business strategy.

Key development in Twitter:

  1. Hackers attack on accounts with big followers number.
  2. 4100 Topics to help users to find relative content (50 million accounts follow Topics).
  3. Launched Lists (a curated group of Twitter accounts) related to users interests.
  4. Option to Tweet with users voice.
  5. Option to video Tweet in some countries.
  6. Option to see all Retweets.
  7. Virtual documentary (on Michael Jordan), live streaming concerts (#TogetherAtHome), sport events, etc.
  8. Curation of coronavirus related misinformation.
  9. 160 million users visited covid-19 curated page over 2B times in aggregate.
  10. Completed ad server rebuild and ad ranking algorithm.
  11. Total revenue was $683 million in Q2. US revenue was $365 million, international revenue was $319 million. Total advertising revenue was $562 million. Data licensing and other revenue was $121 million. Total expenses was $807 million. Company incurred an operating loss of $124 million.

Twitter’s operating loss because of covid-19 pandemic. The main revenue source is advertisements, during the pandemic most companies reduced ad budget. In order to secure more revenue from different sources Twitter developing subscription service.

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