I used to write looooong articles that no- one read. I mean 0 views on 5 hours spend per article. Because of this frustration grown that my writing is not upto point. Everything changed when I started posting interesting and catching content.

4 common reading patterns:

  1. Almost no one read full article, but 99% read in “F” pattern. Eyes tracking research shown that we first scan the article and after read upper part in full, after scroll down, after read again a few sentences, after scroll, and read end of the article. So, there no need to write long blog posts. It’s always better to write short and up to the point articles.
  2. Spotted pattern. In article words stand out or words that user looks for. Mostly used bold text, underline, italic, colors, etc.
  3. Layer-cake scanning pattern. Reader’s eyes mostly fixated on headings and subheadings.
  4. The commitment pattern. Reader must be interested in article or it’s some important documents.

Remember about reading patterns and keep article as short as possible. Also add visuals (images, colors, catchy headlines, etc).

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