Short answer is no. Almost everyone has access to the internet where’s unlimited number of educational & entertaining content available for free. So, why would anyone pay $ (¥, £, €, ₣, ₽, ₱,etc) for your book? Obviously there’s available freaks who still read paper book. But from this sales you won’t make much money.

Short blogs way more profitable and easy to write than full book. Also for readers content is free, but you make money of ads. Win-win situation.

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3 thought on “Should you write a book?”
  1. Well I think there is still space for people writing books… and I’ve been flirting with the idea for ages. But the bigger problem is that most people don’t read books. Which is shame. I too don’t get the chance to read often, and I’m easily distracted. So my take on this is: first become a good reader, then think about becoming a writer… Like for every 20 books read, you could consider writing one! 😀

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