List of top 20 companies by market capitalisation, July 2020. Market capitalisation= number of outstanding shares * price per share.

  1. Apple Inc $1.65T.
  2. Microsoft Inc $1.61T.
  3. Inc $1.54T.
  4. Alphabet Inc $1.02T.
  5. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd $721B.
  6. Facebook Inc $694B.
  7. Tencent Holding Ltd $685B
  8. Berkshire Hathaway $440B.
  9. Visa Inc $415B.
  10. Johnson & Johnson Inc $377B.
  11. Walmart $360B.
  12. Nestle SA $305B.
  13. Procter Gamble Co $304B.
  14. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd $299B.
  15. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd $299 B.
  16. MasterCard Inc $298B.
  17. Roche Holding AG $285B.
  18. United Health Group Inc $281B.
  19. JPMorgan Chase &Co $281B.
  20. Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd $278B.

Out of top 20 companies by market cap only 4 Chinese companies and 1 South Korean. US stock market is tye most developed stock market in the world. This is the main reason why majority of companies with highest market cap in US based companies.

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