Shoes made from coffee and plastic? Yes, now it’s reality!!! I can hear your question: how it’s possible? The process: coffee ground infused into plastic pallets (plastic bottles recycling) and mixture spinned into a polymer yarn; yarn is knighted on a waterproof membrane. Unique process that provide impressive results.

No one likes to compromise, and we don’t either. You shouldn’t have to choose between style and the environment. Your shoes should look great, feel great AND be sustainable. That’s why RENS is working hard to deliver you a pair of sustainable shoes that you’ll want to wear because they are comfortable, waterproof and most importantly… look rad.

This is new way how resources could be reused and amount of waste reduced. Inspirational story of fundraising and affordable prices (around $120).

Disclaimer. I’m not paid to write this article. I search about innovations and try best so people know about it.

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