Fake nails became mainstream. Why? Because low income females waste their hard earn money & saloons make females believe that necessary to have. Nothing personal, just business.

Well maintained nails it’s must have but over-the-top designs it’s too much. Fake nails (call it the way you want) is a sign of poverty. In my home country fake nails it’s a status symbol (weird, I know). Fake nails make female feel beautiful and more confident. But her is a catch: if female need fake nails to feel more confident, then problem is deeper (no self confidence, anxiety, etc).

I can’t wait when natural manicure will be in trend again. Long & fake nails are impractical and dangerous. Also fake nails look horrible before the correction (approximately 3-4 weeks after saloon visit). We all know how much damage will be to natural nail and possible all type of infections from reused scissors… If the nail rips from the nail bed, that gap provides a rich, moist, warm environment for bacteria and fungi to grow (check images of rip off acrylic nails).

Nails are one of the few cosmetic choices left to women , that aren’t normally tied to attracting men (women to do their nails based on what they like. But it’s always better do not waste time for getting nails done and invest that money.

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