Dopamine fasting is the latest wellness trend that based on excluding any experience that brings pleasure for one day. Why would anyone do it? Because we are hooked on dopamine rush: social media (likes, comments, follows), news (definitely not about unicorns), TV (yeah, people still watch TV), video games, drugs, junk food, skipping exercise, shopping, etc.

Dopamine fasting is popular but something with short lasting results. To achieve long-lasting results possible only with discipline and persistence. New “dopamine fasting” gurus claim it’s possible to “reset” the brain reward system. But little they know about how dopamine works and that’s not just “feel-good” chemical. Some “gurus” advice to spend entire day without making eye contact because it’s provoke dopamine release. I don’t seems like rational think to do.

Dopamine is one of the body’s neurotransmitters, and is involved in our body’s system for reward, motivation, learning, and pleasure. While dopamine does rise in response to rewards or pleasurable activities, it doesn’t actually decrease when you avoid overstimulating activities, so a dopamine “fast” doesn’t actually lower your dopamine levels.

Harvard Health Publishing

All this dopamine fasting bullsh*t is simply about making money from people who’s ready to pay for magical remedy. Why? Because people are ready to pay for fast fix of problem instead of disciplining yourself. Here’s my top advices on how to do digital detox: 15 easy ways for digital detox

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