We all have a different type of expectations from man and from women. Here’s a few examples.

  1. When a man wants to earn more money, he’s hero. When women wants to earn more money, she’s manly.
  2. When man want to get salary hike, he gets it because deserved. When women want to get salary hike, she’s expecting too much from employer.
  3. When man dress up with zero style, he’s just a regular man. When women dress up not up to point, she’s tasteless.
  4. When man wants to study, he’s ambitious. When women wants to study she’s told that her career it’s her kids.
  5. When man not married at 40, he still have a lot of time. But when women not married by age of 30 then she will be constantly memorised that her biological clock is ticking.
  6. When man get baby, he expect that women will do everything.
  7. When man have many sexual partners, he’s a MAN. But when women have similar number of sexual partners, she’s a wh*re.

Expectations from both genders are different. Same goes with same situation but different representation for genders. Females life is harder and way more pressure from herself and society.

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